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Synopsis - BENT ROAD

For twenty years, Celia Scott has watched her husband, Arthur, hide from the secrets surrounding his sister Eve's death. As a young man, Arthur fled Kansas, moved to Detroit, married Celia, and never looked back-until the 1967 riots frighten him even more than his past. 

Returning to Bent Road, he and their oldest daughter slip easily into rural life, but Celia and their two younger children grapple with loneliness and the brutality of life and death on a farm. Then, a local girl disappears, catapulting the family headlong into a dead man's curve ...

On Bent Road, a battered red truck cruises ominously along the prairie; a lonely little girl dresses in her dead aunt's clothes; a boy hefts his father's rifle in search of a target; and a mother realizes she no longer knows how to protect her children. It is a place where people learn:


Sometimes killing is the kindest way.

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